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Happy 4th Birthday, Jaxon Bieber!

the way jeremy slams jaxon’s face into the cake

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since we have a bunch of uneducated assholes on the internet i’d like to provide the sources and my comment to the actually stories and not rumored bullshit a lot of the haters like to create for no reason on a innocent 19 year old boy. 

I know this looks ugly but imagine you waking up and people are calling you a ‘fuckin moron’, ‘a little fuckin asshole’ and go to the extent to tell you go back to your fuckin country? how would you feel? and what the fuck i thought society wants an equal rights for everyone how dare you tell someone go back to their fuckin country, if your a pap and that’s your living you know the consequences, i understand that’s their living but there is plenty more jobs out there that can provide you to get by so dont tell me that bullshit that that’s the paps job, you wouldn’t like me calling you a fuckin moron out the clear blue on the side of the street and tell you go to your country you little cunt now would you?

as a fan of him this was a shock for me also. it was also disrespectful for what he said about president bill clinton i totally agree and there was no excuse for his behavior besides that the kid was drunk as. he was drunk plan and simple and when you are drunk you do stupid things and he did a stupid thing. but little does everyone pay attention to he went on to speak to the president a few days after apologizing for his rude behavior. he tweeted it and he knows he did something wrong but we all do stupid shit, if your in college and you live in a dorm you know the people passed out in the hallways after getting so drunk and throwing up in corners. everyone does stupid shit when their drunk. 

  • Justin bieber says ‘rape happens for a reason’

THIS IS NOT TRUE. rolling stone put out an incomplete quote and this is what he originally said. 

Rolling Stone has now come forward to say that, due to an “editing error,” the quote was incomplete, omitting a sentence that could serve to abate the outcry somewhat. Here is Bieber’s full statement on whether abortion is justified in cases of rape, with the revised section in bold: “Well, I think that’s really sad, but everything happens for a reason. I don’t know how that would be a reason. I guess I haven’t been in that position, so I wouldn’t be able to judge that.”

i dont have much more to say about this other than stfu because he did not say it happens for a reason and im tired of this being the only thing you can ‘hate’ him for and i dont see how it affects your life whatever he is doing. instead of harassing a 19 year old why dont you focus on the hw that is sitting in your backpack not done or how you are going to be accepted in to college with your immature fuckin comments, yes i get justin bieber is immature at times and an ‘asshole’ but he is human also and he seems to be way more successful than you sitting in your computer chair judging your ass away, i mean hell i see why you are all hating on him he did make 57 million last year :)

all i have to say is, why is this your problem it’s his fuckin brain cells if he wants to burn them out let him i dont see why this is a big fuckin deal and i know it’s not the same to what they give to cancer patients but give me a fuckin break half of you have smoked a cig or a blunt before even if it was just once. i’d rather see the kid smoking weed to not be himself for an hour than take zoloflt or zanax (if you don’t know what either of those words are, they are drugs for depression and anxiety) and hate himself. no one deserves to be on those drugs just so they can feel better or not feel the pressure. and i know what you’re thinking, he chose that life now he has it, it’s his problem. lmao i can bring this up again for the pap incident, they chose to be fuckin paps they should be crying over getting hit or pushed by the security. he chose that job. funny right? 

just read the fuckin article you incompetent piece of shit. they fuckin took pictures of his spitting off another balcony. he is justin bieber he always rents out suites when he stays at hotels. that means the suit is big :) and what to suits have? big rooms with multiple balconies :) yes i said multiple :) why? beCAUSE ITS A FUCKIN SUITE :) : ):)))))))) 

TMZ has been on justin for a quick minute and for them to defend him is so rare???????? so why do you think he paid a hooker to sleep with him? he’s justin bieber why would he pay for it???????? do you not have common sense? and here is a source proving that she was not a slut and he did not go to a brothel whatever you fuckin wanna call it. justin bieber DID NOT SLEEP WITH ANY HOOKER WHILE IN BRAZIL. NONE.

  • justin being carried up the great wall of china 


he said clearly on his twitter and instagram. HE PAID TO PAINT ON THOSE WALLS. HE PAID. moving on because this is the stupidest shit to hate on someone for like its to the point where like gimme a break.

he clarified in interviews. the prime minister went to HIS concert and they dressed the show room to look like it was in his office. justin said he would have wore something more decent but he’s on the road and the prime minister shows up to YOUR concert on short notice? what do you do? get naked? or go back to the tour bus and change and spark more shit over that? that he kept the prime minister waiting ????? is that what you wanted??????? more fuckin bs like you guys just need to sit down so fuckin noisy i swear. 

  • justin bieber and argentine flag incident 

there is no need to even explain this like it’s right. there. on. twitter. open. your. eyes. 

i just want to say there is far more shit he has done, far more and i know i didn’t state all of them but these are kind of the main ones. please. pleaseeeeeeee. research your shit before you say shit and look hella fuckin stupid. you look fuckin stupid. have you not seen the good things this kid has done? does it not count? building schools in poor countries with nothing. collecting money to donate to people without clean water, or water period. donating 100k to a school where kids had nothing for christmas. donating to food banks because justin himself went to food banks and stole clothes out of the lost and founds at school because he had nothing. justin bieber is not a bad person and just because these things happen we all make mistakes and in order to make your life better you have to go through the mistakes to learn form life and what it has to offer. this kid was 13 when he got in the business and he basically never had a childhood. you have the freedom to wake up and go to school and not have paps at your front door bothering you each morning, or helicopters floating around your house in the middle of the day or night taking pictures of you. he has walked out in boxers, dont tell me you dont walk around your house in boxers or a bra and panties. he never punched goofy at disney wtf if anything he loves going there with his brother and sister. justin bieber doesn’t care about money either (his manager does and makes it seem like it’s justin), there was many times at concerts when he would take a whole group of fans and take pictures with them for free because he loves his fans, if you dont believe me search it up. he might be making mistakes and hanging around the wrong people but you, me, and him and everyone else is human. we all make mistakes and it would just be nice if everyone would give him a chance. give him a chance and see the wonderful things he has done and stop focusing on the negatives of this guy because if you do, i wonder what other negative things you are focusing in your life, no wonder you see no happiness because you focus on the negatives. if this changes your perspective a bit good, if not well do i respect that but don’t tell him to go die and stuff like you are really fuckin low no wonder society is going backwards because we all judge books by their covers and tell them to go die :) 

A to the fucking MEN 

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I know I don’t have many followers, but if it isn’t too much to ask I would like for everyone to just take a second to read my story. The pictures above are a summary of my life the past two years. From my first date with Christian, to my first and only prom with him, to finding out I was pregnant and starting our family. As you can see the past two years have sort of been a roller coast ride for me, with plenty of ups and downs. But I can easily say they were the best two years of my life. There are a few dates I will never forget, starting with February 26th, 2012. That was the day me and christian officially started our relationship. The next date is July 11th, 2012. The day I found out I was approximately 7 weeks pregnant. January 12th, 2013, the day we moved into our little house. Then February 13th, 2013. The day my son, Noah Clark Carden came into the world. I’ll never forget June 8th, 2013, the day Christian was taken to jail (just a minor probation violation), and July 23rd, 2013, the day he was released. After that, the dates are all kind of just a blur and a flash of good memories. Until, October 30th, 2013. That is the night Christian died. I found him, he had committed suicide. I stayed by his side until the ambulance arrived, but he had no heart beat. I followed them to the hospital and as soon as they resuscitated him and he was stable they allowed me in his room. At first I sat by his side holding his hand, and I just cried. He was breathing on his own through a tube, and a machine was doing most of the work for his heart. Just when I lost all hope one of the nurses told me, “You know you can talk to him, right? Hearing is always the last thing to go in a situation like this”. So I did, I told him many things. Countless times I told him how much I loved him. How much me and Noah needed him. That if he would just fight for me, and come back, that God would give us another chance to do things right and to be a family. I just went on and on, and when I looked up, his eyes were half open and he was crying. Tears streaming down his face. That’s when I knew.. he wasn’t going to be able to come back to me, and he knew it too. But I stayed there, I stayed by his side until they called his death and removed the machines. And for an additional two hours I sat there with my head on his chest, and I played with his hair because that was his favorite thing. I stayed until the nurses said it was time to go, I looked at him, whispered I love you, kissed him on the forehead, and I walked out. Christian suffered from depression, but not a lot of people knew that because he never reached out to anyone. He had stopped his antidepressants, but he didn’t let anyone know. He truly felt that if he died nobody would miss him, that we were all better off without him.. well he was wrong. But he couldn’t help that he felt this way, he was sick. People don’t understand how severe a mental illness can be just because you cannot see it. So this post has two messages in it. ONE, if you are depressed and you feel like you have no purpose, like you are not loved, well you are WRONG. There are many people out there that will be affected and deeply hurt to lose you. Christian didn’t realize that until it was too late. And two, if you are having suicidal thoughts… reach out to someone.. anyone. You can even message me day or night, and I will talk if you want to talk, or listen if you want me to listen. Don’t keep things hidden, and don’t feel embarrassed, scared, or ashamed.. please. You are not unwanted, you are not any different, you are depressed, and there is a cure. I would give anything to go back and tell Christian all of this, why I waited until it was too late… I dont know. And I will never forgive myself. So don’t make that mistake. Life is too short to spread hate, to hold grudges, to cut ties. Instead forgive, spread love, and find happiness. Christian always told me how much he loved to make other people happy, and it was true. I can’t name all the favors that were left unreturned.. but he didn’t care. He did it for the joy of making someones day. He was such a people pleaser, if he couldn’t make somebody happy, he felt like he had failed. What he didn’t understand is that it wasn’t his responsibility to make others happy, but he took on the challenge anyways. When other people were hurting, Christian took in their pain as his own. Everyday took a toll on him, to the point where the pain was unbearable. But you would have never known if you met him. He would flash that smile and release every bit of happiness he had until he had none left. I know it seems cliche, but it is true. Reblog this to spread Suicide Awareness. If my story can help save just one life, well then I will feel accomplished. And if Christian knew he started something to inspire others, to bring someone to reach deep down inside and find their own inner happiness, and give them a reason to live, well then he would feel accomplished too. So please, help me do this for him. I may not have worded this exactly how I wanted to, or got everything out, but I think I did the best I could at this point.

STOP being a Justin Bieber's Fan: STOP being a Justin Bieber's fan!


If you’re a “Belieber”, STOP. Right. Now. “Oh, why?”, let me tell you. Justin Bieber is nothing more than a fucking stupid faggot in this world. You’re putting the whole love that you have in your heart in this fucking “idol” that doesn’t care about you. “Oh, he loves me and he loves all the…

excuse the fuck outta me?! 

1. Justin isn’t a faggot, as you so rightly said “bitches he fucks with” hes had girlfriends, so take that 2009 joke and shove it up your ass.

2. Do you know him? No. So don’t judge him. 

3. He DOES love his beliebers, watch the video’s of him and beliebers, he cares. 

4. If you don’t like him why you wasting your time writing this irrelevant shit? 

5. You’re not a belieber so you don’t understand. 

6. You’re just jealous because he’s got money, cars, houses, fame and “the bitches” because you have no other reason to hate him.